My name is Roxane Gataud. 
I am a freelance typeface designer based in Paris. 

I graduated from Esad Type in 2014 where I designed my first typeface family Bely. Bely was awarded by TypeTogether’s Publishing Incentive Program in 2014 and was released in January 2016. Bely received the Certificate of Typographic Excellence by the TDC in 2017. Since I left school, I worked across different fields related to letters; from graphic design to custom typeface design. I collaborated with different companies and inspiring designers such as TypeTogether, Typofonderie, Production Type, Ésad Amiens, Les Crâneuses,  Typefactory, Paulette, Bureau 205

In 2016, I had the honor to received the prestigious Catalyst Award by SOTA, rewarding a young designer for his current achievements and his promising future in the field of typeface design.

Since I am a bit too busy to build an online portfolio showcasing my own projects, you can enjoy a few recents projects I’ve been involved with designers that have a website. Since 2016, I am in charge of the production side and mastering of 205.TF’s catalogue of typefaces. I assist TypeTogether in various typeface design and graphic design projects. I helped Alice Savoie by doing the development of her typeface Faune commissioned by the CNAP. In addition to my design work, I started giving workshops in 2017 at ENSBA Lyon and ESA PAU

When I am not assisting other designers I work on my own typeface design projets, commissioned or self-initiated. If you are interested seeing more of my work, please get in touch, I’ll be happy to share my portfolio on request.

I also collect dinosaurs, pictures of type in the wild (as everyone do) and fruit stickers since a while, I did wrote about it. And I read a lot.


You can read more about Bely here, here, here, or here
And about myself here (FR) here, and here
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Website Credits
Typefaces : Halyard Micro, Darden Studio. Lionz & Manyfolds, unreleased typefaces.
Photo : Renan Astier